Founded in 1965 in order to preserve Redding's natural heritage of open space, the Redding Land Trust today holds, in outright gifts or in conservation easements, some 1,600 acres of meadows and woodlands, saved forever from the bulldozer. Preserved properties range from a few acres to large tracts of 100 acres or more. These, along with major tracts purchased by the Town and the presence of Putnam and Huntington State Parks, make Redding a unique green oasis amid surrounding towns.

In 2011, the Redding Land Trust was awarded prestigious accreditation status by the Land Trust Alliance Commission, an independent program of the Land Trust Alliance, which indicates that the Redding Land Trust meets stringent national quality standards for protecting its open space lands and easements forever. The accreditation seal means that the Land Trust has undergone an extensive, external review of its governance and management policies on its properties - 126 owned outright and 54 held in easement - and becomes one of only three such land trust in Connecticut and 130 nationally to have achieved this distinction. Working hard over a period of three years, the RLT is also one of the very few land trusts to meet the high standards of understanding and documentation accreditation requires through the work of an all-volunteer Board of Trustees.

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Mary Anne Guitar receives
CLCC 'Excellence in Conservation' Award

By Susan Wolf on March 30, 2013 in the Redding Pilot